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Mikayla Huff

Hello and thank you for visiting! My name is Mikayla, I have two amazing little men named Maddox and Hudson. I am a fiancé to my better half, Shane and we currently reside in Jacksonville, FL.


My experience and abilities in looking at the bigger picture for others has provided me the knowledge to be the guiding assistance that people have desired in their time of need. I became certified in Life Coaching in 2022 so I can share my abilities with others and bring light during your own struggles. It brings me so much joy to provide happiness and direction to others, which is why I have not ever felt or considered this to be work.


I have experienced quite a few of my own obstacles ranging from suicide, overdose, family and various other relationship traumas

and made it out on the other side. I have changed my negative thinking of receiving a bad hand in life into a positive light from my

personal faith and positive thinking, I want to assist others on the positive pathway to a better form of living.


​Just remember, every loss, heartbreak, person that has left in whatever capacity that might be is just a closed door and sometimes

we need help to find the new pathway meant for us. There is ALWAYS something positive to take from every situation no matter

how bad the pain is. I am looking forward to getting to know you and help you.​

With LOTS of love,


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